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Price List - ACCESS

Access equipment allows you to work safely at height, giving you flexibility in and around any building, site, or DIY project. Remember, Instant Hire offers 10% for booking on line plus free delivery
Name Price per Day Per 2 Days Per Week Image
3.2m Alloy Tower - Standard£62.00£62.00£62.00
4.2m Alloy Tower - Standard£82.00£82.00£82.00
5.2m Alloy Tower - Standard£104.00£104.00£104.00
7.2m Alloy Tower - Standard£138.00£138.00£138.00
8.2m Alloy Tower - Standard£156.00£156.00£156.00
10.2m Alloy Tower - Standard£185.00£185.00£185.00
4.2m Alloy Tower - Narrow£82.00£82.00£82.00
5.2m Alloy Tower - Narrow£104.00£104.00£104.00
6.2m Alloy Tower - Narrow£116.00£116.00£116.00
7.2m Alloy Tower - Narrow£138.00£138.00£138.00
8.2m Alloy Tower - Narrow£156.00£156.00£156.00
9.2m Alloy Tower - Narrow£168.00£168.00£168.00
10.2m Alloy Tower - Narrow£185.00£185.00£185.00
2.8m Stairway Tower£127.00£127.00£127.00
4.3m Stairway Tower£159.00£159.00£159.00
5.8m Stairway Tower£185.00£185.00£185.00
7.3m Stairway Tower£203.00£203.00£203.00
2.8m Lift Shaft Tower£127.00£127.00£127.00
4.3m Lift Shaft Tower£159.00£159.00£159.00
5.8m Lift Shaft Tower£185.00£185.00£185.00
7.3m Lift Shaft Tower£203.00£203.00£203.00
10.5m Lift Shaft Tower£270.00£270.00£270.00
Razadeck 200£90.00£90.00£90.00
Podium Platform£57.00£57.00£57.00
Folding Podium Platform£57.00£57.00£57.00
Eiger Base Unit 1.8m£48.00£48.00£48.00
Eiger Extension Pack 2m£19.00£19.00£19.00
Sherascopic Steps 4-6 Tread£59.00£59.00£59.00
Sherascopic Steps 7-9 Tread£77.00£77.00£77.00
Pop Up Platform£144.00£144.00£144.00
Pop Up Platform Plus£160.00£160.00£160.00
Stablis System (per metre)£15.00£15.00£15.00
Size 2 Builders Trestle£7.00£7.00£7.00
Size 3 Builders Trestle£7.00£7.00£7.00
1.8m Scaffold Boards£4.40£4.40£4.40
2.4m Scaffold Boards£4.90£4.90£4.90
3.0m Scaffold Boards£5.20£5.20£5.20
3.9m Scaffold Boards£5.40£5.40£5.40
2.4m Lightweight Staging£19.75£19.75£19.75
3.0m Lightweight Staging£22.00£22.00£22.00
3.6m Lightweight Staging£24.00£24.00£24.00
4.2m Lightweight Staging£26.00£26.00£26.00
4.8m Lightweight Staging£28.00£28.00£28.00
5.4m Lightweight Staging£30.00£30.00£30.00
6.0m Lightweight Staging£32.25£32.25£32.25
6.6m Lightweight Staging£41.75£41.75£41.75
7.2m Lightweight Staging£55.00£55.00£55.00
2.4m Staging Handrail£16.75£16.75£16.75
3.0m Staging Handrail£18.75£18.75£18.75
3.6m Staging Handrail£25.00£25.00£25.00
4.2m Staging Handrail£32.25£32.25£32.25
4.8m Staging Handrail£36.50£36.50£36.50
5.4m Staging Handrail£41.50£41.50£41.50
6.0m Staging Handrail£46.75£46.75£46.75
6.6m Staging Handrail£52.00£52.00£52.00
7.2m Staging Handrail£57.25£57.25£57.25
Size 1 Super Staging£34.25£34.25£34.25
Size 2 Super Staging£40.50£40.50£40.50
Size 3 Super Staging£46.75£46.75£46.75
F'Glass 6 Tread Steps£29.00£29.00£29.00
F'Glass 8 Tread Steps£31.25£31.25£31.25
F'Glass 10 Tread Steps£33.25£33.25£33.25
F'Glass 12 Tread Steps£35.25£35.25£35.25
Alloy 6 Tread Steps£24.00£24.00£24.00
Alloy 8 Tread Steps£26.00£26.00£26.00
Alloy 10 Tread Steps£28.00£28.00£28.00
Alloy 12 Tread Steps£30.00£30.00£30.00
5.8m Open Combination Ladder£40.00£40.00£40.00
8.6m Open Combination Ladder£48.00£48.00£48.00
6 Tread Workstation Ladder£43.00£43.00£43.00
8 Tread Workstation Ladder£48.00£48.00£48.00
10 Tread Workstation Ladder£53.00£53.00£53.00
12 Tread Workstation Ladder£61.50£61.50£61.50
3.5m (6.25m) Extension Ladder£34.25£34.25£34.25
4.8m (8.25m) Extension Ladder£38.50£38.50£38.50
5.4m (9m) Extension Ladder£45.75£45.75£45.75
6m (11m) Extension Ladder£53.00£53.00£53.00
2.4m (6m) Extension Ladder£39.50£39.50£39.50
3m (7.5m) Extension Ladder£41.50£41.50£41.50
4.2m (10m) Extension Ladder£45.75£45.75£45.75
5.1m (13m) Extension Ladder£70.00£70.00£70.00
6m (16m) Extension Ladder£84.00£84.00£84.00
2.9m-4.9m Open Fibreglass Ladder£44.00£44.00£44.00
3.5m-6m Open Fibreglass Ladder£55.00£55.00£55.00
6.9m Roof Ladder£41.00£41.00£41.00
5m Pole Ladder£23.00£23.00£23.00
6m Pole Ladder£26.00£26.00£26.00
7m Pole Ladder£30.00£30.00£30.00
8m Pole Ladder£35.00£35.00£35.00
9m Pole Ladder£38.00£38.00£38.00
3.2m Alloy Tower - Narrow£62.00£62.00£62.00
9.2m Alloy Tower - Standard£168.00£168.00£168.00
Eiger Mini Max Folding Tower£48.00£48.00£48.00
4m Pole Ladder£20.00£20.00£20.00
3m (5.25m) Extension Ladder£31.25£31.25£31.25
5.9m Roof Ladder£39.00£39.00£39.00
1.8m Lightweight Staging£18.75£18.75£18.75
1.8m Staging Handrail£14.50£14.50£14.50
6.2m Alloy Tower - Standard£116.00£116.00£116.00
Size 1 Builders Trestle£7.00£7.00£7.00
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