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Civil Engineers and Groundworkers, take advantage of low prices on concreting and compacting equipment. All prices are guaranteed to be the lowest and if you have a regular need please see our contractors page - we are more than happy to talk to you about how we might save you even more money.
Name Price per Day Per 2 Days Per Week Image
4/3 110v Concrete Mixer£14.50£21.75£29.00
4/3 240v Concrete Mixer£14.00£21.00£28.00
4/3 Petrol Concrete Mixer£17.00£25.50£34.00
5/3 Diesel Concrete Mixer£36.00£54.00£72.00
Power Stirrer£31.50£47.25£63.00
Resin Mixer£58.00£87.00£116.00
Concrete Curing Tank£24.50£36.75£49.00
Concrete Test Cube Mould 100mm£6.50£9.75£13.00
Concrete Test Cube Mould 150mm£7.00£10.50£14.00
Vibrating Poker 25mm Flexi£19.50£29.25£39.00
Vibrating Poker 38mm Flexi£20.00£30.00£40.00
Vibrating Poker 50mm Flexi£20.50£30.75£41.00
Vibrating Poker 75mm Flexi£25.00£37.50£50.00
Vibrating Poker 25mm Air£22.00£33.00£44.00
Vibrating Poker 50mm Air£23.00£34.50£46.00
Vibrating Poker 75mm Air£25.00£37.50£50.00
Vibrating Poker Petrol Unit£27.00£40.50£54.00
Vibrating Poker Electric Unit£31.00£46.50£62.00
High Frequency Poker£81.00£121.50£162.00
4.2m Beam Screed£39.00£58.50£78.00
5.2m Beam Screed£41.50£62.25£83.00
6.2m Beam Screed£44.00£66.00£88.00
7.2m Beam Screed£46.50£69.75£93.00
Beam Unit£36.50£54.75£73.00
4.2m Alloy Handtamp£24.00£36.00£48.00
5.2m Alloy Handtamp£26.00£39.00£52.00
6.2m Alloy Handtamp£29.00£43.50£58.00
7.2m Alloy Handtamp£33.00£49.50£66.00
Magic Screed£178.00£178.00£178.00
600mm Power Float£46.00£69.00£92.00
900mm Power Float£52.00£78.00£104.00
Power Float Finishing Disc£6.50£9.75£13.00
Bull Float£18.90£28.35£37.80
Easy Float£18.90£28.35£37.80
Fresno Broom£23.50£35.25£47.00
Concrete Rake£23.50£35.25£47.00
350mm Forward/Reverse Petrol Compactor£62.50£93.75£125.00
400mm Forward/Reverse Diesel Compactor£74.00£111.00£148.00
500mm Forward/Reverse Diesel Compactor£82.50£123.75£165.00
Vibrating Roller - Petrol£67.50£101.25£135.00
Trench Rammer£43.00£64.50£86.00
300mm Plate Compactor£31.00£46.50£62.00
400mm Plate Compactor£31.00£46.50£62.00
450-500mm Plate Compactor£32.00£48.00£64.00
Compactor Rubber Base Plate£8.50£12.75£17.00
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tool hire southampton  tool hire southampton