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Price List - CLEANING

Instant Hire's range of cleaners and washers caters for every need - Vacuums range from small Henrys up to 3 motor wet and dry vacs and pressure washers from small electric 1000psi up to our diesel 3000psi super washer.

All in stock and all available to you in under 3 hours
Name Price per Day Per 2 Days Per Week Image
Little Henry Light Vacuum (Dry Vac)£15.50£23.25£31.00
2 Motor Heavy Duty Vacuum£29.50£44.25£59.00
Wet Vacuum£29.50£44.25£59.00
Wet Vacuum Large£39.00£58.50£78.00
Carpet Cleaner£24.00£36.00£48.00
Floor Scrubber/Polisher£40.50£60.75£81.00
Floor Scrubber/Dryer Electric£102.00£153.00£204.00
Floor Scrubber/Dryer Battery£125.00£187.50£250.00
Pressure Washer Petrol Size 2 (2000psi)£63.50£95.25£127.00
Pressure Washer Petrol Size 3 (3000psi)£70.00£105.00£140.00
Pressure Washer Diesel £86.00£129.00£172.00
Hobby Wash 110v£42.50£63.75£85.00
Hobby Wash 240v£42.50£63.75£85.00
Power Wash 110v£44.50£66.75£89.00
Hot Wash£96.00£144.00£192.00
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