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Be it concrete or masonry, Instant Hire's range of chasers, cutters and grinders are the best tools on the market. Tested and always available for hire, our policy of never refusing a hire ensures you always receive the goods, on time, every time
Name Price per Day Per 2 Days Per Week Image
Masonry Bench Saw 350mm£54.50£81.75£109.00
Masonry Bench Saw 450mm£59.25£88.88£118.50
Tile Saw Bench£49.50£74.25£99.00
Diamond Tile Cutter£34.00£51.00£68.00
Manual Tile Cutter£31.00£46.50£62.00
Floor Saw Petrol 350mm£44.50£66.75£89.00
Floor Saw Petrol 450mm£73.00£109.50£146.00
Floor Saw Diesel 450mm£89.50£134.25£179.00
Allsaw AS160£36.25£54.38£72.50
Block Splitter Small£24.50£36.75£49.00
Block Splitter Large£32.75£49.13£65.50
General Purpose Saw£27.00£40.50£54.00
Cut Off Saw - Electric£30.50£45.75£61.00
Portable Cut Off Saw£21.75£32.63£43.50
Dust Unit for Portable Cut Off Saw£8.00£12.00£16.00
Trolley for Portable Cut Off Saw£11.50£17.25£23.00
Light Duty Wall Chaser£40.50£60.75£81.00
Heavy Duty Wall Chaser£51.00£76.50£102.00
Dust Unit for Wall Chaser£40.00£60.00£80.00
Metal Nibbler£23.00£34.50£46.00
Metal Profile Nibbler£26.00£39.00£52.00
Bench Top Cut Off Saw£24.00£36.00£48.00
Metal Cutting Shears£21.50£32.25£43.00
Angle Grinder 100mm Electric£8.50£12.75£17.00
Angle Grinder 115mm Electric£8.50£12.75£17.00
Angle Grinder 125mm Electric£9.00£13.50£18.00
Angle Grinder 230mm Electric£12.00£18.00£24.00
Angle Grinder 300mm Electric£32.00£48.00£64.00
Dust Guard for Angle Grinder£8.50£12.75£17.00
Diamond Planer£36.50£54.75£73.00
Die Grinder Electric£19.00£28.50£38.00
Die Grinder Air£19.00£28.50£38.00
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tool hire southampton  tool hire southampton