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When the task requires a professional tool, look no further than our range of breakers and drilling power tools. Hilti, Bosch and Makita professional range are the best in the market and Instant Hire has them all. Hire now and get 25% discount.
Name Price per Day Per 2 Days Per Week Image
2 Speed Percussion Drill£13.50£20.25£27.00
Slow Speed Drill£26.00£39.00£52.00
Angle Drill£20.75£31.13£41.50
12v Cordless Drill/Screwdriver£19.00£28.50£38.00
Spare Battery for 12v Drill£4.00£6.00£8.00
18v Cordless Drill/Screwdriver£21.75£32.63£43.50
Spare Battery for 18v Drill£4.00£6.00£8.00
24v Cordless Hammer Drill£22.88£34.31£45.75
Spare Battery for 24v Cordless Drill£7.00£10.50£14.00
36v Cordless Hammer Drill£28.00£42.00£56.00
Spare Battery for 36v Cordless Drill£8.00£12.00£16.00
Light Duty SDS Hammer Drill£20.75£31.13£41.50
Medium Duty SDS Hammer Drill£21.75£32.63£43.50
Dust Removal Accessory for Medium SDS£6.25£9.38£12.50
Heavy Duty SDS Hammer Drill£23.00£34.50£46.00
Dust Removal Accessory for Heavy SDS£6.25£9.38£12.50
Light Duty Rotary Hammer£20.75£31.13£41.50
Medium Duty Rotary Hammer£22.88£34.31£45.75
Medium Duty Combi Hammer£29.00£43.50£58.00
Heavy Duty Rotary Hammer£29.50£44.25£59.00
Petrol Rotary Hammer (2 Stroke)£52.00£78.00£104.00
Heavy Duty Breakers Electric£41.00£61.50£82.00
Heavy Duty Breakers Petrol£60.00£90.00£120.00
Kango 900 Medium Duty Breaker£28.00£42.00£56.00
Anti-Vibration Demolition Breaker£33.50£50.25£67.00
TE705 Light Breaker£28.00£42.00£56.00
Hydraulic Breaker Petrol£59.50£89.25£119.00
Light Duty Dry Diamond Drill£22.00£33.00£44.00
Diamond Drill Extension Bar & Fitting£5.50£8.25£11.00
Medium Duty DD100 Dry Diamond Drill£47.00£70.50£94.00
Rig Stand for Medium Duty Diamond Drill£30.00£45.00£60.00
Water Swivel for Medium Duty Diamond Drill£16.50£24.75£33.00
Water Tank for Medium Duty Diamond Drill£14.00£21.00£28.00
Dust Unit for Medium Duty Diamond Drill£41.00£61.50£82.00
Vac Pump for Medium Duty Diamond Drill£23.00£34.50£46.00
Heavy Duty DD160 Dry Diamond Drill£107.50£161.25£215.00
Heavy Duty DD250 Dry Diamond Drill£122.50£183.75£245.00
Water Tank for Heavy Duty Diamond Drill£14.00£21.00£28.00
Vac Pump for Heavy Duty Diamond Drill£22.50£33.75£45.00
Mini Broaching Cutter£51.00£76.50£102.00
Standard Broaching Cutter£63.00£94.50£126.00
Impact Wrench 13mm Air£24.00£36.00£48.00
Impact Wrench 18mm Air£29.00£43.50£58.00
Impact Wrench 25mm Air£32.50£48.75£65.00
Impact Wrench 13mm Electric£20.00£30.00£40.00
Impact Wrench 18mm Electric£25.00£37.50£50.00
Tek Screwdriver£21.00£31.50£42.00
Drywall Screwdriver£17.00£25.50£34.00
Auto Feed Screwdriver£16.50£24.75£33.00
Light Breaker/Needle Scaler TE104£24.00£36.00£48.00
Needle Adaptor for Light Breaker£11.00£16.50£22.00
Medium Duty Cordless Nailer IM250£31.25£46.88£62.50
Heavy Duty Cordless Nailer IM350£32.00£48.00£64.00
DeWalt Cordless Nailer£30.00£45.00£60.00
Cartridge Hammer DX540£26.00£39.00£52.00
Cartridge Hammer DX460£29.13£43.69£58.25
DX460 Mag£4.50£6.75£9.00
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tool hire southampton  tool hire southampton