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Chippies, carpenters and/or DIY enthusiasts look no further. Instant Hire has everything you need to complete your woodworking job. Professional tools at the lowest price available.
Name Price per Day Per 2 Days Per Week Image
Flip Over Saw Bench£43.75£65.63£87.50
Site Saw Bench (Petrol)£72.75£109.13£145.50
Cross Cut Saw Bench £33.50£50.25£67.00
Mitre Saw£38.50£57.75£77.00
SC Mitre Saw£41.00£61.50£82.00
Double Bevel Miter Saw£41.00£61.50£82.00
Circular Saw 190mm£15.50£23.25£31.00
Circular Saw 230mm£15.50£23.25£31.00
Door Trimming Saw£33.00£49.50£66.00
Reciprocating Saw£20.50£30.75£41.00
Cordless Saw £20.00£30.00£40.00
Laminater Trimmer£18.25£27.38£36.50
Biscuit Jointer£22.38£33.56£44.75
Planer Thickenesser£40.00£60.00£80.00
Disc Sander/Polisher£20.75£31.13£41.50
Palm Sander£11.63£17.44£23.25
Triangular Sander£15.00£22.50£30.00
Random Orbital Sander£21.00£31.50£42.00
Belt Sander£18.00£27.00£36.00
Orbital Sander£15.00£22.50£30.00
Drum Sander£42.50£63.75£85.00
Finish Sander£37.50£56.25£75.00
Edge Sander£26.00£39.00£52.00
Wood Plane£20.00£30.00£40.00
G Clamp 150mm£6.00£9.00£12.00
G Clamp 200mm£6.00£9.00£12.00
G Clamp 250mm£6.00£9.00£12.00
G Clamp 300mm£6.00£9.00£12.00
Floor Board Clamp£8.00£12.00£16.00
Sash Clamp 600mm£6.50£9.75£13.00
Sash Clamp 900mm£6.50£9.75£13.00
Sash Clamp 1200mm£6.50£9.75£13.00
Sash Clamp 1500mm£6.50£9.75£13.00
Sash Clamp 1800mm£6.50£9.75£13.00
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tool hire southampton  tool hire southampton