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When the weather is bad and you need something quickly and powerful enough to remove excess water and silt, look no further than our range of pumps. Available on site or to your location within 3 hrs of ordering
Name Price per Day Per 2 Days Per Week Image
Submersible Pump 50mm£30.50£45.75£61.00
Submersible Pump 50mm with Float £35.50£53.25£71.00
Submersible Pump 75mm£37.00£55.50£74.00
Puddle Pump£31.00£46.50£62.00
Drain Rods (Set of 10)£12.00£12.00£12.00
Drain Test Kit£9.00£9.00£9.00
Drain Stop 6"£3.00£3.00£3.00
Drain Stop 9"£4.00£4.00£4.00
Drain Stop 12"£7.00£7.00£7.00
Drain Stop 18"£15.00£15.00£15.00
Drain Stop 24"£25.00£25.00£25.00
Diaphram Pump 75mm - Diesel£79.00£118.50£158.00
Centifrugal Pump 50mm - Petrol£31.00£46.50£62.00
Centifrugal Pump 75mm - Petrol£37.50£56.25£75.00
Extra Pump Hosing (6m lengths)£4.00£6.00£8.00
Pipe Freezing Kit£48.00£72.00£96.00
Pipe Crimping Tool£57.00£85.50£114.00
Pipe Crimping Collar & Adaptor£27.00£40.50£54.00
Pipe Pressure Tester£55.00£82.50£110.00
Folding Work Bench£11.50£17.25£23.00
Vice for Folding Work Bench£10.50£15.75£21.00
Portable Pipe Threader£42.50£63.75£85.00
Manual Pipe Threader£22.00£33.00£44.00
Pipe Saw & Clamp£30.00£45.00£60.00
2" Pipe Threader£81.00£121.50£162.00
3" Pipe Threader£87.00£130.50£174.00
4" Pipe Threader£91.00£136.50£182.00
Pipe Vice & Stand£13.50£20.25£27.00
Roll Pipe Groover£90.00£135.00£180.00
Soil Pipe Cutter£18.00£27.00£36.00
Eco 3 72mm-108mm£165.00£247.50£330.00
200amp Petrol Welder£78.00£117.00£156.00
300amp Diesel Welder£130.00£195.00£260.00
190amp Inverter Welder£49.50£74.25£99.00
400amp Inverter Welder£101.50£152.25£203.00
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tool hire southampton  tool hire southampton