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When the weather is cold and wet, look no further than our range of heaters and dryers. Ask about our big discounts for hires lasting longer than 4 weeks. Email or call us today.

Also GAS for sale at low low prices
Name Price per Day Per 2 Days Per Week Image
3kw Fan Heater£23.00£34.50£46.00
3kw 3 Phase Fan Heater£49.50£74.25£99.00
Large Rocket Heater£35.50£53.25£71.00
Industrial Rocket Heater£44.00£66.00£88.00
Swivel Head Infrared Heater£33.00£49.50£66.00
Site Radiant Heater£16.50£24.75£33.00
Box Heater£22.00£33.00£44.00
Patio Heater£21.00£31.50£42.00
Warehouse Heater£99.50£149.25£199.00
Indirect Rocket Heater£118.00£177.00£236.00
Rocket Heater Ducting (per 5m)£14.50£21.75£29.00
Catalytic Cabinet Heater£14.00£21.00£28.00
Electric Convector Heater£12.50£18.75£25.00
300mm Fume Extractor£49.00£73.50£98.00
Fume Extractor Ducting (per 5m)£7.50£11.25£15.00
Medium Dehumidifier£36.00£54.00£72.00
Medium Dehumidifier & Pump£43.00£64.50£86.00
Industrial Dehumidifier£52.50£78.75£105.00
Industrial Dehumidifier & Pump£57.50£86.25£115.00
Ozone Generator - Small£37.50£56.25£75.00
Ozone Generator - Medium£48.75£73.13£97.50
Ozone Generator - Large£65.00£97.50£130.00
Commercial Fan£11.50£17.25£23.00
Pedestal Fan£13.00£19.50£26.00
Warehouse Fan£62.50£93.75£125.00
Snail Carpet Dryer£34.50£51.75£69.00
Carpet Dryer Adaptor Kit£13.00£19.50£26.00
Cooling Fan Medium Duty£34.50£51.75£69.00
Cooling Fan Heavy Duty£37.50£56.25£75.00
Industrial Evaporative Cooler£51.00£76.50£102.00
Office Evaporative Cooler£39.00£58.50£78.00
Small Air Conditioning Unit£51.00£76.50£102.00
Large Air Conditioning Unit£79.00£118.50£158.00
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tool hire southampton  tool hire southampton