Instant Hire Tool Hire and Sales Southampton

General Information


You can pay by credit or debit card. We simply need a deposit and two forms of identification. When the equipment is returned, the hire charges are deducted from your deposit and the balance is refunded to your debit/credit card.

Monthly Credit Account

If you would like the convenience of a monthly credit account just complete the application form, return it fully completed to your local Instant branch. Your account will be up and running within 48hrs subject to status.

Terms and Conditions

All equipment illustrated in our Hire Guide is offered subject to our terms and condition of hire. Copies are available on request.


Each Instant Hire depot operates its own fleet of vehicles. For extra convenience you can have your equipment delivered and/or collected. Just ask for details of the delivery charge which will vary according to distance.

Product and Pricing Policy

All products in this Hire Guide are subject to availability and in some instances alternative items of similar quality and performance may be offered. At all times Instant Hire reserves the right to alter rates and other details without prior notification. All prices quoted in the Hire Guide are exclusive of VAT.

Safety Symbols

Below are short explanations of the Instant Hire Limited safety symbol system. You will find these symbols on much of our literature. Where ever you see these symbols you will require the appropriate equipment before proceeding. If you would like further advice on any of these sections please Contact Us.

Protective Footwear Required
Adequate foot protection is essential on today's busy and hazardous sites. Instant Hire provides a number of options which will protect your lower legs and feet from dangerous equipment and debris.
  Protective Gloves Required
Wear suitable gloves for the hand protection icon. Instant Hire provides a range of gloves to provide hand protection. We have Gauntlets, PVC, Cotton and Rigger Gloves.
Dust Mask Required
Harmful dust particles can be so small they are invisible to the naked eye. Any job which involves the processing of building materials can potentially cause a dust hazard. To protect yourself from fumes, dust and airborne particles, make sure you always wear adequate dust protection.
  Safety Glasses Required
Eye protection is essential for many building processes. Instant Hire provides a full range of safety goggles which comply with all relevant legislation.
Ear Defenders Required
High levels of noise in the workplace can cause permanent damage to your hearing. Always ensure you wear adequate ear protection. Instant Hire can provide a range of Ear Defenders and Earplugs to guard against high noise levels.
  Vibration Risk
Where this safety symbol is shown, it indicates that a safe working period has been designated for this equipment. Always check when you hire these items what those periods are and ensure that you use appropriate safety equipment.
Safety Helmet Required
Dangers on above eye level on any site can go unnoticed, so do not leave your safety to chance. Any item in our product range with this logo means protection from overhead obstacles, falling and moving objects should be worn.
  Welding Mask Required
Closing your eyes is not an option. Instant Hire protective welding masks will ensure you are safe from sparks and glare from your welding equipment.
RCD Power Breaker Required
Working with electricity can often present dangers which you are not expecting. Residual current devices offer protection from electric shocks. We recommend RCD units as essential extra protection when using 240 volt equipment.
tool hire southampton  tool hire southampton